Air Conditioner Running Too Much in South Miami?

South Miami Insulation ServicesIt’s really hot and humid this summer – especially in South Miami! This muggy weather is hard on the air conditioning system because it runs so hard to cool your house and remove the humidity to an acceptable level. The answer is not always turning down the thermostat a few degrees to make it cooler. A viable alternative is to better insulate your home or business and close up any air leaks. A Best Insulation is your best bet to keep the hot air and humidity out.

If You Own An Older Home in South Miami

You and your family may be at a disadvantage if you live in an older home with insufficient insulation. In the past standard R-values were lower than today’s standards. Consequently, less insulation was placed in walls, floors, and attics. Sometimes it wasn’t the amount of insulation that ran up the cooling bill it was also the type of material used and its placement. You many have duct work that is not sealed properly and air leaks in a number of places.

Improvements have been made in insulation that accomplish several goals:

  • Keep you coolerSouth Miami Insulation
  • Improved R-value factors
  • Stronger insulation materials
  • Lower energy bills
  • Guard against rodents and pests
  • Seal ducts and air leaks

Many older homes are in need of these improvements. A Best Insulation will come to your home to perform an energy audit. You can learn more about why you should seal and insulate any suspected leaks by clicking here. Our technicians will go over the work list to gain your approval before any work begins.  We will make necessary changes to keep you cooler and lower that summer energy bill.

Common Improvements for Older Homes and Insulating New Homes

There are three typical places where homes need to be better insulated. It is our experience that correcting these problems can make a major difference in cooling your home or business.

  • Attics can be under insulated
  • Sealing around duct work has come loose
  • Too many odd and end air leaks

From the beginning of spring to the beginning of fall South Florida has more direct solar radiation than the rest of the year. During these months the temperature in the attic may rise to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time the attic space becomes a heat reservoir and the heat flows down from the attic into the home’s living space. This is not good at all.

Our technicians will determine the best type of insulation for your attic. They will choose between blowing insulation, batt and foam insulation. Blowing is made of fiber glass and cellulose. Both are excellent cost-effective materials. The material is blow (spread) evenly on the ceiling surface. Batt comes in rolls or blankets that are fitted between the attic’s joists. It is made from safe fiber glass, mineral wool, or natural fibers. Blowing insulation can settle down over time and become less effective; whereas, batt last longer.

South Miami Roof InulationThe other option is roof insulation sprayed underneath the roof deck. It expands and adheres to the surface. We consider it to be the best material for insulating your attic. We will consult with you about the benefits and cost of each type so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Two other areas we will check are ducts that have disconnected seals and various air leaks throughout the house. Ducts are used to distribute conditioned air through the house in forced-air heating and cooling systems. We have determined that 28% to 32% of this air is lost because of leaks, holes, poorly connected ducts, and sometimes mice that check holes. We correct this problem effectively to keep that precious cold air in the duct work.

Conditioned air moves throughout your house in a number of places that you want to control. It moves in and out around windows, doors, electrical outlets, attics, crawl spaces, basements and holes around pipes and wiring. We help seal your home for best energy efficiency. We stop the air leaks and improve the air quality while making your home more comfortable. All of these measures will lower your energy bills in South Miami – thank goodness! We are the area insulation specialists. Give us a call soon.

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