Radiant Barriers

Most people are familiar with heat transfer by way of conduction and convection but radiation is a big factor. When you step outside and feel the heat of the South Florida sun, you are experiencing heat transfer by means of radiation and the same effect is happening on homes. The largest source of heat gain in your home is solar energy that arrives in the form of radiation.. It is only then that conduction comes into play heat travels through the roof and downwards.

How They Work

Radiant barriers are very effective at reducing the South Florida heat that we all know too well. The barriers are made up of a material that helps in the reflection of heat instead of absorption. If a home’s duct system flows through the attic, the radiant barriers will help to prevent heat from transferring into the air ducts. With radiant barriers installed, the cost of keeping your home air conditioned can be reduced because there will be less heat radiating from the roof to other areas. When a radiant barrier is placed directly underneath the roof rafters incorporating an air gap, much of the heat radiated from the hot roof is reflected back and very little radiant heat is emitted downwards reducing the attic temperature up to 30 ° F.

There are many different types of radiant barriers but we use a tarp like material with aluminum foil attached to both sides to create an effective radiant barrier. The material is perforated to ensure moisture is able to pass through so the buildup of condensation is avoided.


The installation of radiant barriers is important because faulty insulation can compromise the effectiveness of the system. The barriers can be installed in brand new houses and into older homes by being placed over the existing insulation. Don’t take a chance trying to install radiant barriers yourself, contact us for professional installation of radiant barriers in your South Florida home.