Insulation Removal in South Florida

Degraded and Polluted Insulation

We often see insulation that has been severely degraded as a result of age and animal infestation. Insects and animals such as squirrels, raccoon, and mice tend to make attics their home by entering through small openings and cracks into the attic.

Feces, urine, and rotten flesh from dead animals spoils the insulation and bring about unpleasant odors. The polluted dust of old insulation may enter in the living spaces of the home trough ceiling penetrations or walls cavities through cracks or electrical outlets.

Water damaged Insulation

Water accumulation bellow insulation could lead to mold growth and in some cases like cellulose the water can wash away the chemicals embedded in the insulation as a fire retardant, on the other hand, water will cause degradation in the physical properties of the insulation.

Insulation Removal the Solution for Polluted or Damaged Insulation

Removing and replacing old or damaged insulation can dramatically improve indoor air quality and make your home more energy efficient.

We have developed a safe and effective procedure for removing soiled insulation from attics or crawlspaces, using the specialized equipment we remove all of the insulation and dust from attics.

Give us a call for a free estimate on insulation removal and replacement for a new environmentally friendly insulation.

How Does Insulation Removal Work?

The process of insulation removal can be different based on the reason for the removal. A simple and straightforward removal of insulation can be completed quickly. During this process, our teams will come to your home, inspect and prepare the area for safe removal. With years of experience in removing insulation, they can remove the actual insulation for safe disposal and clean the area to remove any pieces that may be left behind. To ensure even small particles are gone, the next step is to vacuum the area. This leaves the area totally clean and ready for the installation of new insulation as soon as you like.

If the insulation is contaminated, the removal team will have to contain the area as they work to avoid any danger to you and your family. There might be several reasons that the insulation is contaminated:

The presence of live animals can lead to degradation of the material in many ways. This can happen very quickly, and if you were not aware of the presence of animals in the home, the insulation can become severely degraded. If rodents or insects have been living in the area, it can be contaminated with their droppings or trash.

Deceased animals are often found in insulation that animals have invaded, and the smell they create can filter through the air conditioning system. Proper removal is key here to eliminate all traces of the animal and the smell.

Hazardous materials may have been used in old homes that have never been renovated. Removal in these situations has to be handled properly to avoid exposure to your family. Our team has the tools and gear needed to complete these kinds of removals as fast as possible.

Water damage often happens when the roof has a leak or shingle damage that lets water get in. This can soak into the insulation and cause the material to degrade.

Mold growth often follows water damage, because it provides the moisture component needed for the mold spores naturally present in the air to flourish.

What Are The Signs I Might Need Insulation Removal?

There are several ways to tell that you might need insulation removal in your home or business. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Sudden drafts inside the home that did not previously exist. These can be a sign that parts of the insulation have worn out and are in need of replacement.
  • Changes in indoor temperature. Homes that typically experienced little to no effect as a result of outdoor temperatures may now find themselves waking up to a chilly room on a cold morning, or living with stifling heat on a summer night.
  • Signs of animal presence, including scratching sounds, rotten smells, visible droppings, or evidence of chewing on the insulation
  • Higher than normal utility bills, accompanied by a need to use your Florida HVAC system more often than before. This can be a warning sign that the insulation in place is no longer effective.

What Happens After Insulation Removal?

Once insulation removal has been totally completed, any potential hazards to you and your family are resolved and you can breathe easy. When you are ready, you can have the new insulation of your choice installed in its place. Many homes that have old forms of installation removed and a new form installed in its place see an improvement in the efficiency of the home and a reduction in energy bills. This is because newer forms of insulation, installed properly, can be much more effective than those that have been in place for many decades. If your old insulation was damaged, there may have been holes or disintegrated pieces that allow more air to pass through than they should. New forms of insulation also use better materials that create an energy envelope within your home to make it effective.

If you suspect that your old insulation needs removal, contact A Best Insulation to get expert help from start to finish. Our team can assist you with everything from removing the insulation to replacing it with a newer product that will work better for you. With our help, insulation removal can be as simple as possible for you.

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