Insulation Removal in South Florida

Degraded and Polluted Insulation

We often see insulation that has been severely degraded as a result of age and animal infestation. Insects and animals such as squirrels, raccoon, and mice tend to make attics their home by entering through small openings and cracks into the attic.

Feces, urine, and rotten flesh from dead animals spoils the insulation and bring about unpleasant odors. The polluted dust of old insulation may enter in the living spaces of the home trough ceiling penetrations or walls cavities through cracks or electrical outlets.

Water damaged Insulation

Water accumulation bellow insulation could lead to mold growth and in some cases like cellulose the water can wash away the chemicals embedded in the insulation as a fire retardant, on the other hand water  will cause degradation in the physical properties of the insulation.

Insulation Removal the Solution for Polluted or Damaged Insulation

Removing and replacing old or damaged insulation can dramatically improve indoor air quality and make you home more energy efficient.

We have developed a safe and effective procedure for removing soiled insulation from attics or crawlspaces, using specialized equipment we remove all of the insulation and dust from attics.

Give us a call for a free estimate on insulation removal and replace for a new environmentally friendly insulation.