Attic Insulation in South Florida

Our roofs are exposed to different variations of heat throughout the year. Specifically, from March 22nd to September 21st South Florida has more direct solar radiation than the rest of the year. During those months, the temperature in the attic may rise close to 130⁰ F. The attic space becomes a heat reservoir and the heat flows from the ceiling into the home’s living space.

Basically there are two different locations where thermal insulation can be installed inside an attic:

On top of the ceiling (Ceiling Insulation )
One option for Ceiling Insulation is Blowing installation, the insulation material is spread evenly on the ceiling surface; the materials more used are fiber glass and cellulose. Both materials represent cost-effective energy measure.

Another option for Ceiling Insulation is Batt Insulation (Rolls or blankets) fitted between the attic’s studs. This Batt or blankets are made of materials such as: fiber glass, mineral wool, natural fibers, etc.

Batt Insulation lasts longer than blowing insulation.

Only a professional installation can obtain the full benefit of these materials.

Underneath the roof deck (Roof Insulation)
The material used for this type of installation is Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, this is a two component mixture composed of an “A side” (Isocyanate) and a “B side” (Polyol resin). These two materials previously heated comes out from a tip of a spray gun, the mixture reacts forming a foam that adheres to the roof surface. This material has extraordinary physical properties that makes Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation the best material for Insulate your attic.

Again an experienced and qualified company like A Best Insulation Inc. can make your home a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient place to live.