Eight Benefits of Insulation in Your Miramar Home

Eight Benefits of Insulation in Your Miramar HomeOne of the best investments you can make in your home in Miramar is to add the right amount and type of insulation. Insulate the walls, ceilings, floors, and attic, and you will be money ahead. Take a look at the advantages (some obvious and some not so) of adequate insulation:

  • A noticeable reduction in energy costs
  • Makes your HVAC system more efficient
  • Helps reduce the frequent cycling of a home or business HVAC system
  • Helps reduce noise levels throughout the house
  • When installed correctly helps prevent moisture condensation
  • Reduces the size of new HVAC system equipment
  • Increases the safety factor in your home
  • Adds value to a home or business

These benefits overshadow the cost of installing the right amount and type of insulation. Making this move will help pay for itself. You will be both surprised and happy with the results.

A Brief Explanation of Different Types of Insulation

A Brief Explanation of Different Types of InsulationInsulation comes in different forms to fulfill different purposes in a home. There is no one type of insulation material that works best in all rooms, attics, basements, and garages. Our pros at A Best Insulation have the experience and expertise to maximize the cooling and heating efficiency of your Miramar home and its HVAC system. Click here to find out why you should seal and insulate your home

Spray Foam InsulationSpray foam is easy and quick to install. It is very efficient and can be placed in your home without leaving a mess behind. Because it goes on fast there is reduce disruption to your business or home activities.

Spray foam is unique in that it expands to fill the areas and creates a tight energy seal with the wall or roof surface. Its secret lies in reducing the amount of unwanted air to flow in and out of walls, windows, floors, and the roof. In addition, it helps to protect from humidity, insects and rodent problems. You will like its efficiency and affordability.

Attic InsulationAdequately insulating your attic(s) is a major way to reduce energy bills and keep your HVAC from running so much. If your attic R-value is too low we will add enough to bring it to the best level possible. Florida summers can raise your attic temperature to a nasty 130°F. This is like having an oven up there and it sends heat down into your living spaces.

This excessive heat will raise your energy bill and can cause damage to your home. There are three places we can add insulation to help keep your home cool:

  • Place it in the ceiling
  • Put it between studs
  • Place it on the attic floor

Our experts will determine the best type and amount of insulation to do the job.

Radiant BarriersThis often overlooked way to cool your home is one of our specialties. Barriers are materials placed on the walls of an attic that reflect heat coming from the outside roof instead of absorbing it. This keeps the attic cooler as well as keeping any ductwork in the attic cooler.

Solar energy from the sun penetrates your roofing material and collects in the attic. This is really bad in South Florida. Let us install radiant barriers to help keep your utility bills under control. We can install them at the same time we add other insulation in your Miramar home.

Home Air SealingAnother thing we tend to take for granted is air leaking around ductwork and other places that raise our energy bills and causes the HVAC system to run too hard. Air filtration allows outside air enter our homes through openings and cracks around pipes, cables, and places where homes settle.

Once the air leaks are sealed you will experience healthier indoor air, more building durability and reduced heating and cooling bills. It’s important to insulate all duct work. Our technicians will measure air intrusion before and after we seal up the leaks. Up to 20% of air flowing through ductwork is lost through air leaks. We will correct this for you permanently.

Why You Should Do Business with a Best Insulation

Why You Should Do Business with a Best Insulation A Best Insulation has performed thousands of energy conservation jobs in South Florida. We are you home insulation service of choice in Miramar because we:

  • Use only the highest quality insulation materials
  • Have trained technicians that know the industry well
  • Will provide a free insulation analysis and cost estimate
  • Do not take shortcuts in protecting your home
  • Have high ratings, reviews, and customer satisfaction
  • Are trusted by homeowners and contractor alike
  • Offer affordable prices in your area
  • Provide warranties on all of our work

Contact us soon because we look forward to coming to your home in Miramar.