South Florida Home Energy Assessments

A home energy assessment evaluates the efficiency of all electrical equipment and appliances. The assessment checks the integrity of the building shell and insulation levels and identifies where and how the energy is misused. The results will allow us to provide a list of cost-effective improvements that will reduce utility expenses and increase the levels of comfort and safety for a home’s occupants.

Our company offers three types of “energy assessments” which differs in complexity.

1. Home Energy Survey

This inspection is a walk-through and simple visual check-over that doesn’t involve diagnostic equipment but gives our energy expert a clear picture about:

  • Concerns related to energy efficiency, comfort, safety and health.
  • Age and type of air conditioning system.
  • Building shell general condition (Walls, windows, doors, duct system)
  • Insulation types and R-values
  • Condensation and moisture problems
  • Potential health issues, like mold, dust contamination, etc

Part of the home energy survey is analyzing the utility billing history.

Finally, a report will be provided to the customer, including an action plan to bring cost-effective solution to all customer concerns.

2. Home Performance Audit

The performance audit adds the diagnostic results that our energy expert will produce when using specialized testing equipment such as a blower door, duct leakage tester, infrared cameras and etc.  We gather valuable information such as:

  • Air changes per hour (ACH/hr). This represents how many times the air volume of the house is replaced per hour in testing conditions, this number describes how leaky your home is.
  • The locations and amount of leakage from the duct system.
  • Combustion systems safety issues.

All the results will be analyzed with computer software that allows our energy expert to highlight all the energy issues of your South Florida home.

An itemized report will be provided to the customer, including an action plan to bring cost-effective solutions to all customer concerns.

3. Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rating

The HERS rating determines where the rated house “sits” between the “zero energy home “and a “Standard Reference Home” , is the most complete energy audit of a home. The Home Energy Rating System is built using construction plans, on site measurements and energy performance tests. Our class 1 energy rater uses a computerized program to perform an energy analysis of the home. This computer analysis will project a HERS index, which is a measurement of a home’s energy efficiency.

The home owner will receive a report that includes the HERS index and cost/benefits analysis for recommended energy improvements.

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