Be Comfortable Year Round in Doral

Home insulation cannot be taken for granted in extreme climates of hot and cold weather. Here in Southern Florida, it can get very hot and humid. It will be worth your while to have a specialist perform an insulation audit of your home. Determine the current R-value of your insulation to see if it needs more. You may find that another type is needed or your current insulation is degraded. What about those air leaks? Do something about these issues now and be money ahead in the future.

The Place to Start

A Best Insulation in Doral to set up a free energy consultation at your home or business with our insulation serviceContact A Best Insulation in Doral to set up a free energy consultation at your home or business with our insulation service. Our technicians know their trade well and will give you a realistic picture of your current situation. Here are three typical scenarios that we audit:

  • You plan to build a new home
  • You have an old home
  • Another company insulated your new home

You may question the last one. Over the years we have determined that some insulation companies rush through the job so they can go onto another one. A few even install inferior materials and charge you the full price. This is not good for you and your home. We may uncover issues the other company overlooked. A second opinion won’t hurt, and since it’s free, you should seriously give it a thought.

What We Do In a Free Consultation in Doral

Insulation works correctly when all three surfaces of a room are covered. This means:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceilings

If you leave one of them out you will lose serious heat, especially through the ceilings and attic. Also, air leaks must be stopped such as around pipes, wires, electric outlets, windows, and doors. It’s far better to keep unwanted air out than turn up the furnace or turn down the AC.

Here are the common steps we take to perform an energy and insulation audit in your home:

  • Start by climbing into your attic and determine the R-value
  • Go to the crawl space to do the same
  • We use specialized equipment to test hard to reach and see areas
  • Check out any unfinished portions of your home
  • Investigate all of the ductwork for air leaks
  • Determine if windows are losing heating and cooling

We use a proven checklist in all areas of the home including the attic, garage, and basement to make sure we cover everything. Click here to find out why it is important to properly insulate your home. 

Saving Money with Adequate Insulation

What We Do In a Free Consultation in DoralMost of a home’s energy costs are related to heating and cooling. The more efficient your insulation and HVAC systems are the more money you save and the less energy you use. It’s been asked many times how much money can you save when the insulation job is done right.

Upgrading insulation in an old home can save anywhere from 10% to 45% or more. This is especially true for older homes built before 1975-80. How much you save depends on some factors we tend to take for granted including:

  • How many windows you have
  • The insulating value of your windows
  • Climate you live in – hot, cold, humid, arid
  • Amount of current insulation
  • Type of current insulation
  • The type of heating system
  • The efficiency of your HVAC system
  • The type and cost of heating and cooling fuel

You can correct any of these issues to save money. For most people, the major savings comes with properly insulating your home and stopping all of the air leaks.

Why Choose A Best Insulation Services

Why Choose A Best Insulation ServicesChoose a trusted insulation service, and you will never be sorry. You can put your full confidence in A Best Insulation because we are serious about making your home comfortable and safe. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Customer satisfaction is high. Builders give us the thumbs up.

We improve energy efficiency, comfort, safety and interior air quality for residential homes and commercial buildings in the South Florida area. We use the latest technology in equipment and the best insulation products for this area. Our technicians are trained to meet your insulation needs for year-round comfort in Doral.