Do You Have Your Insulation Bases Covered in Davie, FL?

Do You Have Your Insulation Bases Covered in Davie, FL?To have all of your home insulation bases covered, you need insulation on all six surfaces – walls, ceilings, and floors. It’s common among homeowners to forget about this fact. They may not have garage attics insulated or insulation barriers installed on second floor room walls adjacent to the garage attic. A number of older homes still lack enough attic insulation. Others have none to little under the floors.

We will take the time here to discuss complete insulation efficiency for you Davie home. It gets really hot here in the summer, especially in attics. Temperatures can reach 130°F. That is really hot and you need to protect what’s up there and the rooms below. Attic ventilation is another must. If yours is outdated or not functioning properly, get it repaired or replaced soon with the best you can afford.

The right amount and type of high-quality insulation has significant advantages including:

  • Longer roofing life
  • Lower energy demand
  • Decreased energy bills
  • A more comfortable home
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Durability and integrity of the insulation

When it comes to insulation, the old adage “It will pay for itself” is true. You utility companies and local governments may still offer incentives for adding more insulation to your home.

The Six Surfaces to Insulate

Attics This is a good starting point. Homes in South Florida need a minimum of R-30 value insulation per the Florida Building Code. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have an insulation audit conducted by a reputable dealer. Follow up by using blow in insulation for the floors and spray foam for the attic walls and ceiling. This will decrease heat from the ceiling to enter the home’s living space.

Walls The right R-value insulation should be installed at the time of your home’s construction. This may not be the case in your situation. The minimum R-value for home walls in Davie is R-13 for frame walls and R-7.8 for block walls interiors. To determine how much you currently have in the walls remove a few electric outlet plates or phone jacks. Look inside with a flashlight and measure the depth with a ruler. This will give you a rough idea. Let the insulation technician double check your finding to determine the type you have. 

Floors Floors need a minimum of R-13 below them to prevent cold air from making floors cold. Little or no insulation here will make it unpleasant to walk on wood, laminate, tile, or vinyl floors. Carpets help insulate floors but you still need the right type and amount below them.

Old and Degraded Insulation Is Another Issue to Correct

Old and Degraded Insulation Is Another Issue to CorrectA Best Insulation will install your insulation and also remove any old and degraded insulation that is inefficient and may be causing problems. Removing potentially damaging insulation should be taken care of immediately. You may not see it all and that’s why we need to analyze your home’s needs. For example, ductwork wrapping and insulation may be overlooked.

Wet insulation can develop mold and mildew in humid climates. If it is damaged or compacted it has lost some R-value efficiency. Areas that receive a lot of rain and wind can leak water into the attics and down into the walls. Older types of insulation cannot handle this. It needs to be removed by professionals. Old insulation can begin to crumble and pest may make a home in your attic. If you handle insulation as a homeowner be sure to wear a face mask and gloves. Dispose of any bad insulation promptly and correctly.

Homeowners in Davie Are Pleased with Our Service

We have been helping homeowners in Davie for more than a decade. Our dedicated staff and technicians are specially trained to determine and meet your home insulation needs. We provide the following services for homes and businesses in the area:

  • Spray foam insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Radiant barriers
  • Insulation removal
  • Home air sealing
  • Commercial insulation

We are South Florida’s trusted insulation service. We offer skilled work, competitive prices, and we meet deadlines. Our technicians take not shortcuts in their work to make sure you get the correct amount and type of insulation for your home’s needs. Contact us for an estimate.