Customer Concerns

  • House uncomfortable.
  • Too hot Living room and master bedroom under un-insulated sloped ceiling
  • Electric bills extremely high
  • Un-balanced air distribution
  • Humid air
  • Children with allergic problems

Type: Single-Family Residence, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one story building.
Property Area: 2,300 ft2
Zipcode:  33186

Problems detected

Attic insulation was dusty loose fill fiberglass with different residues. The insulation was uneven and the overall R-value very low. Sloped ceiling with no insulation over master bedroom and living room. Knee walls with no insulation.

The air distribution system was well design but very old. Some ducts were disconnected, joints were sealed using metal tape that became loose over time causing leaks to occur. Inside ducts inspection showed accumulation of dust and contamination. No air returns in bedrooms.

Air handler’s closet with cracks and holes in ceiling and walls.

Return plenum with connection to attic through wall cavity.

The house air barrier. Air infiltration was detected through recessed light fixtures and spaces between boots and ceiling sheetrock. Additional unwanted air infiltration through electrical outlets and pipe penetrations.

The air conditioning system was a very old and inefficient 5 tons Rheem equipment, extra heat loads were placed on the system due to poor insulation and air infiltration causing extra $$ in electric bill.

Excessive heat gains through windows, big clear tinted windows and sliding glass doors facing South and West adding extra load in summer to A/C unit.

A Best Insulation’s Solutions

Removal of contaminated insulation.

Vacuum of ceiling surface to eliminate all kind of dust and contamination.

Repair all ceiling’s air infiltration.

Air sealing connections between attic space and wall cavities.

Repair air handler’s closet and properly air seal walls, and ceiling, pipes and cables penetrations.

Demolition of old ductwork system.

Design and installation of a new air distribution system in accordance to Florida Mechanical codes.

Installation of R-15 polyisicyanurate rigid foam insulation underneath the sloped ceiling in living room and master bedroom.

Installation of loose fill blown insulation R-30 in attic space.

Installation of R-30 batt insulation on knee walls.

Replacement old A/C unit for a new Trane high efficient equipment SEER: 16:00.

Installation of low-E window tinting on all windows and glass doors to reduce summer cooling loads. and improving house protection against U-V radiation.


From more than $ 500.00 before improvements, the electric bill dropped down to an average of $ 260.00 in the same period of the year (summer). For the owners the more important achievement is the total disappearance of allergic problems in their children. Air returns in all bedrooms and a well balance air distribution made this house comfortable all over the living spaces. The installation of window tinting totally eliminates the aggressiveness of heat radiation coming from the West side of the house with sun reflection in the swimming pool, now the occupants can enjoy the view of the back yard in fresh environment. Finally reducing house air infiltration in conjunction with High efficient A/C equipment brings the house to a comfortable balance of temperature and relative humidity level.

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