Customer Concerns

  • High humidity level throughout the house.
  • Some bedrooms too hot.
  • Office uncomfortable and hot.
  • High electric bills.
  • Un-balanced air distribution.

Type: Single- Family Residence, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one story house with crawl space underneath the floor deck.
Property Area: 2,700 ft2
Zipcode:  33137

The blower door diagnostic test revealed an excessive air leakage
The blower door diagnostic test revealed an excessive air leakage

Problems detected

The ceiling insulation was dusty loose fill cellulose with different residues like roofing debris, abandoned duck work, metals, etc. The insulation was uneven and the R-value very low. Office had R-0 insulation.

The air barrier of this home was seriously compromised, the blower door diagnostic test revealed an excessive air leakage. While the house was depressurized to -25 Pascals by the blower door, all of the air inside the home was replaced by outside air more than 11 times in one hour. This result was expected considering is a 60 years old house and the fact that it has many recessed lights and infiltration through the wooden floor from the crawlspace.

The air distribution system was no repairable. The supply plenum was a 10” duct flex, incapable to support the air flow generated by the air handler. In the attic, after multiple repairs the ductwork became a hybrid system of metal ducts, duckboard and flex ducts with numerous leakages.

The air conditioning equipment was excellent 5 tons high efficiency “Trane” with SEER: 16:00. It was performing well, however extra heat loads are placed on the system due to air infiltration through the air barrier of the house and duct leakages causing extra $$ in electric bill.

The air handler’s closet with too small access door did not allow A/C service; air infiltration from the attic space through cracks and holes.

A Best Insulation’s Solutions

Removal of contaminated insulation.

Complete vacuum of ceiling surface to eliminate all kind of contamination.

Air sealing through entire home air barrier: ceiling, walls and wooden floor.

Seal air infiltration of air handler’s closet, including walls and ceiling.

Seal air Handler unit with temporary and permanent materials.

Design and replacement of duct system, installation in compliance with Florida Mechanical Codes. The installation must assure duct air tightness.

Air-balance the air distribution system to provide occupants a comfortable conditioned space.

Replacement of all recessed lighting with IC rated recessed lighting fixtures.

Installation R-30 blown-in loose fill fiber glass insulation formaldehyde free.

Installation of closed cell spray foam insulation, which is a non-permeable vapor barrier underneath the floor deck to prevent humidity infiltration into the home and to reduce the potential for building durability issues within the crawl space.


Comments: All the recommendations were applied except the last one; customer will address some structural issues with the wooden floor before installing the spray foam underneath the floor deck.
All the customer concerns were solved and the owner is extremely satisfied with the job.

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