Customer Concerns

  • Uncomfortable sensation all over the house.
  • 2nd. Floor too hot.
  • Electric bills extremely high.
  • Un-balanced air distribution over the house.
  • Humid air.

Type: Single-Family Residence, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two story building.
Property Area: 2,100 ft2
Zipcode:  33159

Problems detected

The attic insulation was dusty loose fill fiberglass with different residues like roofing debris, abandoned duck work, metals, etc. The insulation was uneven and the R-value very low. Vaulted ceiling with insulation R-0.

The air distribution system was sloppy assembled. Some ducts were disconnected and not properly supported. No air returns in bedrooms.

The air barrier was compromised by cracks, holes and pipes penetrations in the ceiling.

The air conditioning system was old and inefficient, extra heat loads were placed on the system due to poor insulation and air infiltration through ceiling surface causing extra $$ in electric bill.

Air handler’s closet totally damaged.

A Best Insulation’s Solutions

Removal of contaminated insulation.

Complete vacuum of ceiling surface to eliminate all kind of dust and contamination.

Repair all ceiling’s air infiltration.

Air sealing connections between attic space and wall cavities.

Rebuild air handler’s closet and properly air seal floor, walls, and ceiling, pipes and cables penetrations.

Demolition of old ductwork system.

Design and installation of a new air distribution system.

Installation of radiant barrier underneath the roof deck.

Installation of loose fill blown R-19 insulation in vaulted ceiling.

Installation of batt R-30 insulation in accessible attic space.

Replacement of A/C unit for Trane high efficient equipment SEER: 16:00


The improvement of this house was remarkable. The electric bill was reduced to ½ compared to an equivalent period of time before applying the improvements. Now the house is comfortable in every corner due to a balanced air distribution system, with air returns in each bedroom, even the room under vaulted ceiling shows the same comfort than any other place of the house.

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