Customer Concerns

  • Allergies.
  • 2nd Floor too hot.
  • High electric bills.
  • Un-balanced air distribution over the house.

Type:  Multi- Family Residence, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, two-story home
Property Area: 1,900 ft2
Zipcode:  33183

Problems detected

The ceiling insulation was dusty loose fill fiberglass insulation with different residues potential cause of allergies. The insulation was uneven and the R-value low.

The air barrier of this home was compromised in numerous areas, mainly on the ceiling surface creating pathways for air to move between the attic and the interior of the house.

The air distribution system shows duct leakages. Some of the ducts have been sealed at joints using only tape which easily becomes loose over time causing leakages to occur. The foil surface of the duct board boxes is torn in some areas allowing cold air to escape.

The air conditioning system was performing well, however extra heat loads are placed on the system due to air infiltration through the air barrier of the house and duct leakages causing extra $$ in customer electric bill.

A Best Insulation’s Solutions

Removal of contaminated insulation.

Complete vacuum of ceiling surface to eliminate all kind of contamination.

Fully sealing of all ceiling penetrations throughout the home, including above the refrigerator in the kitchen, walls cracks and pipes penetrations.

Air sealing connections between attic space and wall cavities.

Seal air infiltration on air handler closet, walls and ceiling.

Installation of electric outlet covers to prevent air leakages from wall cavities.

Complete air sealing of duct system.

Seal air handler unit with temporary and permanent materials.

Re-attached all ducts flex in accordance to mechanical codes.

Installation of insulation blanket on water heater.

Installation of R-30 blown-in loose fill fiber glass insulation formaldehyde free.


All customers’ concerns were solved and he is extremely satisfied with the job.

The air infiltration/ventilation final re-test showed the expected improvement and the air distribution final re-test showed an improvement of 80 %.

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