How to Maximize Attic Insulation in Aventura Homes

Overcome Any Cooling or Heating Issues with Our Services in Pembroke PinesThere are many beautiful older homes in Aventura ranging from small cottages to elegant mansions. Each has its own cooling and heating needs that need to be efficiently met. Two simple, but necessary, ways to accomplish this HVAC goal is to add adequate attic insulation and seal up all the air leaks throughout the home.

The place to start is by making an appointment with A Best Insulation for an initial analysis. It’s free and is conducted by a qualified technician. You will be pleased with the professional service and courtesy shown to everyone in your home. There are solid reasons you need it.

  • Insulation settles in older homes and becomes less efficient over time.
  • Some of it may have become degraded by water leaks, insects, or rodents.
  • There may be insufficient insulation in the attic: floors, walls, ceilings.
  • A different type may be needed to provide maximum protection from heat in summer.
  • The temperature in your attic can rise to 130° F and that is hot!
  • Inadequate attic insulation runs up your electric bill. The heat can deteriorate roofing.

You don’t want your attic to become a hot spot that sends heat out in all directions. Insulate it properly and you will enjoy a cooler home, not matter the size, and save money on utility bills.

The Next Step Is To Install Insulation Where It Is Needed

Attic insulation can be installed in the ceiling, on the walls, and on the floor to maximize its efficiency. To do its job properly, insulations should be placed in all of these areas. Many people don’t understand this concept. They think it is only needed between the floor joists. This helps, but won’t cool your home adequately.

Attic Floors (Ceiling insulation for rooms below)

Our team of experts will blow insulation in between the floor joists to the right height for the best R-value. It will be spread evenly and cover the floor completely. We use the best fiberglass and cellulose materials available to create cost efficiency.

Batt insulation can be used for both the floors and walls in the attic. It comes in the forms of rolls or blankets and is made from fiberglass, mineral wool, and natural fibers. It is placed between wall studs and stapled to them. Batt insulation lasts longer than blowing insulation.

Our professional service will give you the full benefit of all insulation installation.

Roof Insulation/Attic Ceiling

Don’t overlook insulating under the roof deck. Our technicians use Spray Foam Insulation for maximum benefit. It fills in every crack, won’t shrink, and is not damaged by water. It is applied with a spray gun between the rafters. It adheres to the surface and expands to fill in all spaces. Industry experts agree that spray form is the best type of insulation for this application.

Thus far we see the steps to take to maximize the effectiveness of attic insulation is to:

  • Have a professional analyze your home insulation needs.
  • Determine the current R-value of your insulation.
  • Add the correct amount and type of insulation needed.

Make sure your HVAC system is in top operating condition. If the system is too old, replace it for maximum effectiveness. Make sure it is installed correctly and is the right size for your home.

Why Home Air Sealing Will Make Your Home Cooler and Save Money

Why Home Air Sealing Will Make Your Home Cooler and Save MoneyMany homeowners are surprised to find out they have too many air leaks in their HVAC system. As a result, a number of problems can arise including:

  • You are wasting energy.
  • You are wasting money on the electric and/or gas bill.
  • Insects can enter the leaks and build nests in the ductwork.
  • Air leaks can further deteriorate and open the way for rodents.
  • Your home may not cool or heat evenly from room to room.
  • The system can run too much to reach the thermostat setting.
  • Overuse of the system can lead to premature wear.

The technician that comes to your home will make a list of air leaks and suggestions on how to correct them. It’s all part of the free estimate.

Where do air leaks occur? They occur in many places throughout a home including:

  • Around the metal housing of the furnace and blower
  • Through cracks in the ductwork joints
  • Around pipe and wiring holes
  • Through cracks around electrical outlets in the wall
  • Windows, doors, and recessed lighting
  • Around chimneys and flues
  • In drop down ceilings

Sealing these up properly prevents moisture, dust, allergens, and insects from getting into the ductwork. Sometimes insects and even rodents will crawl through the ductwork and enter a room through registers. Let our professionals at A Best Insulation analyze your insulation needs. Give us a call soon to set up an appointment. We know our business well and will exceed your expectations.